UGO and JACK. book 1

UGO and Jack

released February 2021

In book one, Jack lives on a farm in rural Australia in the 1950s; like many children Jack lives in an unhappy dysfunctional family.
Jack’s only refuge is his escape to a hidden pristine valley nearby the farm, where he often goes camping and swimming.
On one occasion in the valley he slips and falls on a mossy rock by his favorite swimming hole, and is knocked unconscious.
Whilst unconscious, he’s transported to a spiritual dimension, there he enters a world filled with all types of wonderful friendly characters and a host of unexpected possibilities.
While there, he meets Ugo who tells him that they are both very old friends.
Ugo shows Jack how to make changes to his physical life back on the farm. When Jack recovers and returns to his life on the farm, he thinks that Ugo and everything else that happened while he was unconscious, was just a dream, or in his imagination.
He soon realizes that everything that happened was and is real.