Children’s Adventure Books

By Geoff Parton


One of the biggest problems today is children often don’t have anywhere or anyone to turn to with their problems especially those that come from dysfunctional families. The lack of spiritual teaching and the material go getting attitude is being forced on our kids all the time.

In the series UGO and JACK, children are reminded all the way through the story that they are not alone and there is and always something better. The series is a great adventure story, its enlightening and reinforces hope when sometimes there seems there isn’t any.

All though the story of UGO and JACK is fictional, as the author I can relate to everything, as I have been to some dark places myself. When I was a boy, I felt lost but was shown by my spirit guide, part of my future, which made me realize that one must never give up.

I have written Ugo and Jack so children are encouraged to wonder What If.