About the Author, Geoff Parton

I was born in 1948 north of Sydney.
In those days, Duffy’s Forest where we lived was mostly untouched bush with a few scattered houses.
My fathers farm bordered Ku-ring-gai Chase – a large area of almost 15000 hectares of bush land. Today it is a National Park, but in those days it was just natural bush for anybody to explore.
Meandering right through the middle of the park is Cowan creek, a beautiful tributary of the Hawkesbury River. Living on a farm that bordered this enormous bush land was fantastic, somehow it seemed as though it all belonged to me!
In those days as a kid, I felt like an explorer as nobody else had penetrated deep into these areas for well over a hundred years, or even at all, it was fascinating for me. A six hour walk from the farm to Cowan Creek brought me to a place called Duffy’s Wharf, it had been derelict for over 100 years, with just part of an old sign left which read, ‘ring bell for ferry.’Living on the farm in the late 40’s, there was virtually no communication. My father drove an old Essex truck that continually broke down. We didn’t have electricity or a phone, television was unheard of, but we did have a radio that ran on an old car battery, it was everything to me, At night, the whole family would sit around it and listen to great serial stories.
Because I was free to use my imagination I became open to all possibilities, some people may just call it imagination, but I know differently.This closeness to nature, enabled me to handle death and tragedy in a realistic way.
A lack of education turned out to be my greatest asset, as it helped me to open my ‘special door,’ to the spirit world.
I am not religious, but I know there is more than just the physical world we are in at the moment. With this background and 73 years of dare I say it, wisdom, I have been able to write the series of 5 children’s adventure books… UGO and JACK.
The series of 5 books UGO AND JACK, are being progressively released by Olympia Publishers London. along with two other books; titled ‘OUT OF THE BOX THINKING’ and ‘TRUST’.

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