UGO and JACK. book 5

Out now

Fredrick and Wilber are traveling down a dark path. It all began on a moonlit night as they were riding past a peach orchard.
The theft of fruit, escalates to the burning of a barn; Then they steal money, cars, and then there was the accident.
They find themselves on a one way road straight to prison.
Well, that is one possibility. It is up to Ugo and Jack to change this, to steer the two boys onto a different path, one of many.
This is the next, and hopefully final piece of the puzzle in reuniting Jack’s family’s fractured past and future. All Jack has to do is rely on Ugo.
From the 1800s to the recent past, follow Ugo and Jack’s adventure through decades and dimensions, to right a wrong, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Ugo and Jack Book 5