UGO AND JACK. book 3

UGO and Jack . book 3

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In a parallel universe, Andi, Jack’s niece, takes on the task of Elizabeth, after the latter’s accident that placed Elizabeth in the transit world two hundred years earlier.
Andi, the new Elizabeth, known only to Ugo Jack and Rrrr, needs to complete unfinished tasks.
Andi/Elizabeth, marries Eli and has twins, Henry and William, who turn out to be extraordinary children. They go on to change a world of corruption in the future, thus they need to be prepared.
Rrrr’s introduction to their future world, gives them an idea of what their future beholds. Eli, Elizabeth’s husband and the twin’s father, has no idea of what is really going on. Its a world where time is meaningless, and death only means a transition to new roles.